About Us

About Us


We're a group of people who care about the computer world, especially websites and mobile apps. Be present to respond to the needs of websites and mobile applications that are not only present in the virtual world, but can also contribute to fulfilling the aspirations of many people, such as, businesses, organizations or individuals. Provides responsive, unique, clean, lightweight, secure, and state-of-the-art websites and mobile applications. Always striving to be innovative, competitive, and collaborative in the pursuit of the presence of a healthy and prosperous Internet world.

What We Do


We build websites and mobile apps that are not only beautiful in appearance, but also unique, clean, lightweight, easy-to-use, fast-access, and secure. Oriented towards customer satisfaction and interest, and always striving to be a developer who plays a non-dominant role. Also has a vision of becoming one of the world's leading IT companies, in order to realize our mission to contribute to a better life for all human beings, especially in the world of the Internet and applications, whether it's for websites or mobile applications.

Our Services


Nowadays, the existence of a website has become one of the contributors to the success of an individual or company. A good website demands a touch of beauty, ease of use, speed, and security. This is our strength and what makes us superior to others.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the added value of your website's presence. With the use of mobile phones that have reached twice as much as computers, mobile applications will greatly underline the success of your business as well as your life in whatever form it may be.


Excellent design and ease of use are also two factors determining the success of a website and a mobile application. Both of these things are also in line with the speed of access presented. We've had experience in achieving these three important things.


The ultimate key to the success of our websites and mobile applications ultimately depends on the optimization of their search results on search engines. Search engine optimization will make them appear at the start of the search results page.

Our Team

Susan Shearer
Co-Founder & Partner
Franchois Steinberg
Co-founder & Partner
Sam Bellows
Executive Manager
Audrey Sheldon